The fearless battle of an entire region to protect our land, our beaches, our health, our traditions, our communities, our future. One by one, we have empowered the common man using the irresistible weapons of knowledge. To the oil companies that intend to destroy us, ENI, Petroceltic, MOG, Edison, Shell: let it be crystal clear.

You are not welcome here.

We will fight to the bitter end.

We shall defeat you.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Save Cahors from 3Legs Resources!

This person is Mr. Peter Clutterbuck.

From Orca Exploration, trying to drill Abruzzo, Italy to 3Legs Resources, trying to drill Cahors, France

Shame on you!

The fight to save this planet from drilling itself to destruction is global. I wish everyone could educate him or herself on how destructive the oil and gas industries really are, and get going, for real, in a global activist effort to save what we are, and what is sacred to us as humans.

We don't know where to stop anymore. The power of the almighty dollar seems to leave nothing untouched.

Abruzzo is where I grew up, where I used to run through the vineyards, play with the leaves, get mud on my hands, check on my grandmother's chickens, bury my feet in the sand, come home blonder and smelling of salt as a kid, and smell the seasons to the fullest.

I no longer live there, but I have been fighting from so far away to save its waters and its land, just because it is the right thing to do and because I cannot accept it that people from who knows where can decide to change irreversibly a place that I love.

I have never been to Cahors, France. But when I learned that an oil company called 3Legs Resources wants to frack them, my heart went out to this similarly green region, tucked in the SouthWest of France, where they make wine, where they have castles and a history and traditions that don't include drilling for gas.

The people from 3 Legs Resources have never been to Cahors either, I am guessing.

Or maybe they went there on some buisness trip. Who knows. But these middle aged white men who make decisions for Cahors are all outsiders. They come from the Island of Man, UK. Their people have worked for Encana, for ConocoPhillips, they fracked in Poland, they fracked in Germany, Barnett Shale in Texas and Niobrara, destroying those places in the US.

What do they know and care for Cahors?

One of the CEOs of 3 Legs resources, Peter Clutterbuck, used to work for Orca Exploration, a minor oil company. I know them because they were partners of Petroceltic of Ireland who wanted to drill Abruzzo. Apparently he left Orca in 2010.

These people are like weeds. They go to a place, try to drill and destroy and then they move on to the next target. No cares at all for the people of Abruzzo, for the people of Cahors, for the people anywhere period.

To our friends in France: don't believe them!

Fracking WILL pollute your groundwater.
The laws of Physics are clear.
Once you mix polluted and fresh water it cannot be undone.
You have nothing to gain from fracking your land.

We kicked them out of Abruzzo, we forced our tepid politicians to pass laws to protect our oceans and even sent Mediterranean Oil and Gas, another tiny UK company, back where it came from.

If we could do it in Italy - with our incompetent prime minister - you can do it too.

All the best to Cahors from Abruzzo.


RPJ said...

Many thanks for your message of support. We all need to protect the planet from from Clutterbuck and his like. Well done and good luck to us all.


Digger said...

What the hell are you guys tallking about? This fanatical spray has got to stop! Do you know anything about the oil business at all? Do you drive a car? Heat your house? Use electricity? Buy groceries in plastic containers? Come on!!! Find something actually worthwhile to moan and groan about! Go save some starving children in Africa! Save the planet one life at a time. Talk is cheap...action is what counts!

Unknown said...

Believe me I know all I need to know (and some more) about the oil business. They are not welcome in Abruzzo. Leave us alone!

We don't want to be drilled or fracked.
You understand?

The land is ours and does not belong to the British or the Canadians.

Action is what counts? Well, dear Mike, to my latest count I have helped stopped at least 8 oil projects throughout Italy and saved us from the evil hands of ENI, MOG, Northern Petroleum, Orca Exploration, Vega Oil, Petroceltic and Total.


Digger said...

"Evil hands"!!?? I know people that work for those companies. They are normal, caring people like you and me...always working to make oil and gas operations safe and to accomodate the real needs of the people who live in the areas of operations. ALL industries impact the neighborhoods around them! Look at the wine industry...vast areas of cleared land with row upon row of ugly vines and sticks. That is far worse, and causes erosion, etc. There is a cost to "civilization", and we scar the land with all that we do. If you have genuine concerns, instead of fanatical, overly generalized and sweeping complaints, then bring them forward, one by one!! To speak like you, I would say that all women are bad because you are so fanatical. I hope not true!@!

maria rita said...

Ugly wines? You must be insane.

Digger said...

Ha! See, it is all a matter of perspective. I prefer forests. You cut all the forests down for vineyards. In your perspective, the vineyards are an acceptable change to the environment. BUT, they are MAN-MADE and destroyed the existing ecosystem. Oil and gas operations are FAR LESS destructive, impacting only an area of a couple of acres, and then only for a short while. Please check your facts before you go ballistic!

maria rita said...

Questo e' matto.

maria rita said...

Oil man mike - it so happens that those vineyards belong to the people of Abruzzo, not to you.

So, if you prefer forests, go drill your forests - be my guest!- but leave our vineyards alone.

We like our vineyards just the way they are.

But all this is moot. There is a law right now that forbids drilling in Abruzzo, and you will not find ONE politician who agrees to it.

Tough luck for you and your "evil" oil company buddies.

And yes, they are evil.

Anonymous said...

Primo punto: se noi abruzzesi abbiamo commesso "l'errore" di togliere quercie per le vigne lo abbiamo fatto a casa nostra, nel territorio dove viviamo e se ci fossero conseguenze da pagare ne rispondiamo in prima persona;
Secondo punto: emerito genio ti sfugge alla grande una cosa fondamentale: le vigne sono sempre PIANTE e non emettono nè IDROGENO SOLFORATO nè tantomeno agenti chimici inquinanti TOSSICI E DANNOSI.
Terzo punto: SEI MAI STATO IN ABRUZZO? HAI UNA VAGA IDEA DI COSA STAI PARLANDO?SEI COMPETENTE ALMENO IN MATERIA DI PETROLIO? SAI O NO LE CONSEGUENZE CHE TALI STABILIMENTI COMPORTANO SUI LUOGHI E SULLE PERSONE?I TUOI COMPAESANI SONO AL CORRENTE DI QUESTO TUO PERICOLOSO PUNTO DI VISTA? Secondo la tua logica se nel tuo Paese c'è almeno una sola struttura inquinante, di qualsiasi tipo, può tranquillamente diventare la pattumiera del mondo e chi più ne ha più ne metta...
Inoltre il tuo ragionamento, di puro tornaconto, ha una logica da prima elementare. Dimentichi che i confini degli stati, delle regioni, delle città sono solo segni su una palla di plastica chiamata mappamondo: la TERRA E' UNA E UNICA, ed è la sola nostra fonte di vita.
Ps: l'unico suggerimento che avremmo accolto volentieri sarebbe stato di rinvigorire le zone boschive con piante autoctone.

Anonymous said...

"I would say that all women are bad because you are so fanatical"...
MAKE, not only you're insane , but also male chauvinist, best not comment about your ramblings. Ilaria

Digger said...

Good point! You own that land, and the vineyards. But, France owns the minerals underneath your land. So, it is an issue for France to decide. That is my point. Your personal attack against the "evil" oil companies is misplaced! There is nothing evil about the oil business. It is a business, with its own environmental impact, just like your vineyards! Virtually all of the hype that is put forth about gas shales and fracking is just that: hype. Truth is, you just don't want anyone doing anything to impact what you have built. You like it the way it is! Fair enough! So, take your case to the French government, who must decide the rules and laws. You make your case. The oil and gas business will make its case. What the French government is doing now is breaking its own laws. But, to call anyone "evil", and to make personal attacks against people you don't know or even confront, just because they are doing what is legal and good business, is fanatical and unjustified.

Digger said...

By the way... I forgot to ask... Why do you claim the vineyards in France to be your own when you live in California? What gives you the right to speak for France and its people? California is on the verge of energy collapse. Is that what you want for France...the land of huge windmills!? Those things are far worse an eyesore than any oil and gas activities. U-G-L-Y!!! And they are everywhere, because of California get-rich-quickers!

wanadobee said...

@Mike: look what the oil industry has done to your brain. Poor man.

Why don't you let us decide what to do with our forest ? If we want wine, that's our choice, you take care of your backyard, we take care of ours.

Call it NIMBY or whatever you want, we like it this way and if we all take care of our backyard, then it is going to be a better world.

As for the children in Africa, why don't you let the oil companies take care of them ? So far, when they work in Africa all they bring is corruption and destruction. I am sure you know what happens in Nigeria, you know what gas flaring is and you know, you guys have polluted the food chain.

So stop lecturing us.

What happens Mike, have you lost some money beacuse of "our work" in Abruzzo ? So far, oil companies that tried to do business here had to pack and leave. We have defeated all of them - do you want to be the next one ?

Problem is, they lie to investors. While they tell everything is fine, they have to fight us in the legal system. And guess what, so far they have lost all the battles. And I bet with you nothing is going to change, it's actually going to get worse.

Abruzzo-Molise-Puglia are now joining forces, and in south Adriatic their are being challengrd everywhere. So be our guest, why don't you come and enjoy the show ?

So if you don't know Molise and Puglia, take a map, but a real one that shows actual people, town, villages and buildings, not the ones from the oil industry showing only pipes and wells. Study and learn about us, who we are, where we come from, and maybe you will understand where we want to go.

Mike, Abruzzo is a losing battle for the oil industry. Don't waste your money and time.

And let me tell you something about Abruzzo that you will never find in reports from the oil industry, the best word to describe us is: stubburn. Now you know !

Digger said...

OK, I get it. You want to be able to drive your cars, heat your homes, power your appliances, etc. BUT, only so long as the energy source that powers them comes from somewhere else! Surely you see the hypocrisy of that position? Unfortunately, God put the oil and gas wherever He pleased, and we have to produce it from wherever it is! Oil companies don't like that any better than you do!

But, please, be rational. Oil companies are not evil. But there are a few evil people in the oil companies. This is true of every business. I only ask that you stop generalizing and be rational. If oil companies are evil, then surely oil and gas are evil also? So stop using them! France relies 90% on your nuclear power. Is that better!???!@!

I''m done. I leave you to your stubborn Abruzzo-ness! You enjoy my oil and gas, I enjoy your wines! See, we do agree on something!-)

Anonymous said...

The vineyard, as the forest, put oxygen in the atmosphere. Oil SUFFOCATES us.
con traduzione di Ginevra

supertramp said...

@Mike: ma vai a trivellare a casa TUA!!!

davide said...

fristly, sorry for my english:
i hope my lines will be enough comprehensible!
i ‘m in the habit to accept all opinion, and reflect about them finding all point of view and enrich myself..
however, reading your comments, if you really believe that you write (may be 95%
you are only troublemaker, worker of oil companies that want steal our time),
i think you absolutely ignore the sense of proportion or drink so much wine before enter in the blog!
from absolute ill to full good, are there several gradual action in between?
also to breathe produce carbon dioxide and consume oxygen,
so can not i live ?
also to produce my bike need energy,
so can not i go with bike?
do you prefer I use sport utility vehicole ??
did you never hear about thermal, photovoltaic, wind, waves, geothermal, biomass,tidal energies?
biofuel (from rubbish not mais), fuel cells, energy saving, green design /architeture ??…
and overall sustainable development?
for speak seriously and effectively about our mother Earth need moderation, honesty and science.
three things, differently of you, Maria Rita has!

ps isn't God to put oil underground: it' s chemistry and time!!anyway if you believe was God, leave oil there where God has created, and use sun,wind,and sea..,they are within range,green, and sure created by Him!

Digger said...

I am an active supporter for the development of all types of alternative energies, as you've listed: thermal, photovoltaic, wind, waves, geothermal, biomass, tidal energies, biofuel (from rubbish not mais), fuel cells, energy saving, green design /architecture and overall sustainable development. These are fantastic ideas that need to be funded and supported. You forget the very high cost (pollution, energy and money) that it takes to produce these technologies, but for sake of argument, let's set that aside.

The world is currently dependent on oil and gas, like it or not. That will need to change. But, it does not help the development of these alternative energy sources to spend all this time and energy bashing the oil and gas companies. We are very busy just trying to keep up with the demand, and keep the oil and gas prices down!!! It is the consumers who are driving this, not the oil and gas companies. Where there is a demand, the product (oil and gas) will be found. That is the way the world works.

So, please, put your time and money and effort into these other sources of energy so that they get developed and we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels! That is good for all of us! Meanwhile, I will continue to do my job, because it builds economies, provides jobs and makes Europe less dependent on Russia! I believe those things are just as important as the issues you've raised.

Ultimately, I am a human. I breathe air and eat food, and virtually everything else I do pollutes the earth in some way or another. You are the same. We all need to reduce our energy consumption and find alternative ways to fuel our lifestyles. You have no argument from me!-)