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You are not welcome here.

We will fight to the bitter end.

We shall defeat you.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bye Bye Ombrina Mare! Bye Bye Elsa!

Ha Ha Ha. Petroceltic just released this press release. They say the oil is 34 API and that they were supposed to start drilling in Q4 2010. What a joke. All over Abruzzo the API index is about 11/12. Just go look up what RospoMare has, and what ENI found on the proposed Miglianico oil field.
Heavy sour. So much so they needed a desulfurization plant.

Mr. O'Cathain, CEO of Petroceltic, DOES NOT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL ABRUZZO RIGHT. Sir, shame on you. There has been no partnership whatsoever and to this day NOBODY wants you here.

Good news for Abruzzo, good news for Italians. Not so good news for oilmen and their investors.

Due to pressure from citizen groups, and due to the disaster that BP has made out of the gulf of Mexico, yesterday June 30 2010, the Italian minister for the environment, Stefania Prestigiacomo, announced that all drilling permits will be suspended sine die and retroactively for all drilling plans within 5 miles from the coast, about 9.2 km. In the case of natural reserves, the limit is extended to 12 miles, about 22 km.

This means that both Elsa and Ombrina Mare, as proposed by Petroceltic and Mediterranean Oil and Gas ARE OUT, since they are well within 9km from shore. Both are at about 5km or 6km from the coast. Both are right in front of the Parco Nazionale della costa dei Trabocchi.

We will keep monitoring and following the situation, since the news just came out yesterday.

But for now: Dear Petroceltic, Dear MOG: take your rigs, your FSPO, your dreams of becoming big players by exploiting the people of Abruzzo, take your oil plans and go hide yourselves!

It is sad that the gulf of Mexico had to turn into the mess it is, for our minister to come to this decision, but it is better than nothing.

Have a nice summer Mr. Sergio Morandi, have a nice summer Mr. Brian O'Cathain.


wanadobee said...

Step by step we are getting there: will send them home to UK and Ireland. Just a matter of time.

To those bunch of morons coming here to read these posts from websites for investors about PCI and MOG: you have no clue of what is happening in this region because PCI and MOG will never tell you the truth.

Don't mess up with Abruzzo, we'l kick your ass as we have been doing for the past 3 years. Eni had to leave the region already, next in the line will be MOG.

Got it Mr. Morandi ?

Investors: do you still want to bet on PCI and MOG ? Losers.

anon1111 said...

I fear its you who is making mistakes, firstly his name is O'Cathain, not Cathain as you said and secondly the mis-spelling of Abruzzo was made by a journalist or typesetter, not Mr O'Cathain.Who looks foolish now?
You are just another "not in my back yard" bore who still wants cheap oil and gas as long as it comes from somewhere else.

maria rita said...

we are bloggers. Mr O'Cathain is the ceo of a company who wants to destroy a place he does not even know how to spell.

Bottom line is: we simply dont want a bunch of Irish white men in corporate suits to come and destroy our seas - 3 miles from shore.

please go drill Ireland instead.