The fearless battle of an entire region to protect our land, our beaches, our health, our traditions, our communities, our future. One by one, we have empowered the common man using the irresistible weapons of knowledge. To the oil companies that intend to destroy us, ENI, Petroceltic, MOG, Edison, Shell: let it be crystal clear.

You are not welcome here.

We will fight to the bitter end.

We shall defeat you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Elsa 2 Petroceltic: down the drain!

In yet another blow to the oil people from Ireland and the UK, and for Mr. Tom Bulford, the Italian Ministry for the Environment has denied approval to Elsa 2 as proposed by Petroceltic of Ireland.

Here is the news, the link to the Ministry's decision and a press release in Italian

Over the past year and a half, the Ministry had been inundated by phone calls, letters and environmental reports arguing against Elsa 2. We protested, marched and demanded actions be taken. Just as we have done for Ombrina Mare, we managed to get our point through to the authorities that may be.

We won.

Yesterday, May 23rd 2011, the Ministry finally came to the conclusion that we were right, and that it is pure folly to drill an oil rig just a few kilometers from the shores of Abruzzo and from a natural reserve.

Dear investors, as should be clear by now, Italy is not the place for oil drilling. We will keep fighting other oil rigs. We won't let you destroy this country.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

To Mr. Tom Bulford

Dear Sir, with all due respect, we believe the current ban that Italy passed against offshore drilling WILL NOT be lifted anytime soon. In fact, we are working hard for it to be tightened so that the entire Adriatic sea be closed to drilling. Italy is not Saudi Arabia. People live off their seas, their tourism, their fishing activities. We the people don't want to be drilled, not offshore, not onshore. So please do not mislead your investors. Italy will does not want you.

Ombrina Mare is dead, and so is Mediterranean Oil and Gas.


Here is Ola-Channel, by the filmmaker Vito l'Erario

La città sul mare che non vuole il petrolio from olachannel on Vimeo.


Lucio Dalla on La Repubblica

Protests on La Repubblica

Qui un servizio su Rai3

Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno - sit in favor of the Tremiti islands

News Gargano


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tri-regional rally against offshore drilling in Italy

Yesterday, May 7th 2011 the people from three regions - Abruzzo, Puglia, Molise, descended on the coastal city of Termoli to protest offshore drilling all along the Adriatic coast.

We have succesfully halted the drilling of Ombrina Mare, and we plan to stop in the same exact way Sound Oil, Northern petroleum, Petroceltic and all their friends.

Ombrina mare is just the first of our victories, dear investors.

Yesterday we have called upon Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo to ban offshore drilling in the entire Adriatic sea. Mayors, presidents of provinces, an estimated 300 organizations and 10,000 people came to support our love for our seas and the need to expand the current drilling ban from 12 miles to the entire sea, to protect all of Italy. Other rallies are planned for the rest of the summer.

In the meantime, some people dressed in gray suits from some London offices - aka Tom Bulford and his friends - have started speculations that the offshore drilling ban will soon be overturned, hence people should go ahead and buy shares from the moribund Mediterranean Oil and Gas or put their money in MOG's friend Sound Oil.

It is so funny for me to sit back and watch these people throw their money down the drain.

They don't have a clue. The poor investors who believe this nonsense are just gullible people from London, who can't even imagine all that is simmering in Italy and how much unity this is bringing us across the country.

They think we are greenies from Tuscany! They don't even have their geography right!

These London analysts, economists, stock market gurus or simpletons with time and money to waste, or whoever they profess to be have no clue that everyone is against offshore drilling along the Adriatic.

Our politicians - left and right - KNOW that allowing offshore drilling would be most unpopular and political suicide.

We simply will not let it go. Why do you think the ban was passed in the first place? These London "experts" say:

The ban on offshore oil development looks like an instant, panicky reaction to a popular news story rather than a considered reaction that took account of Italy’s energy needs and industrial policy – already the USA has started to repeal its ban on offshore drilling.

First of all, it was the worst enviromental disaster in US history and not a popular news story.
In California it is and will be off limits to drill 100 miles to sea. In Florida the ban is 125 miles from shore.

The ban was passed because of us, the people! Because we raised a stink against offshore drilling along our Italian beaches. You get it? Because we have no desire whatsover for you UK people to come over and destroy them. Capisc?

Mr. Guru says that Ombrina will supplement losses from Libya! Ha ha ha.

Are they on drugs? The output of Ombrina would have been PUNY! If ENI or Elf thought there was anything worthwhile they would have pulled it out back in 1980! This oil well is just for speculators like you, and will not change one iota the Italian energetic landscape. The politicians know this very well.

Furthermore, in September 2011, the National Coastal Park "Costa dei Trabocchi" will be officially inaugurated, making drilling around the Sound Oil, Petroceltic and MOG sites even more impossible.

To all the investors: just look at what you have in your hands today.

MOG told you they'd start drilling in 2008. It is now 2011.

The net worth of this company has plummeted.

Sergio Morandi was a failure.

MOG's oil rigs have been denied approval.

There are no plans to overturn the ban - despite what your London gurus say.

Ombrina WILL NOT be built, and we will die before you can even think of coming here and destroying our way of life. The same will happen for Sound Oil and all their sisters.

We are not greenies. We just love our sea. Get lost and go drill your own beaches.

Organizations against on and offshore drilling along the Adriatic coast:

Regione Puglia
Provincia di Campobasso
Provincia di Foggia
Provincia di Chieti
Provincia di Pescara
Comune di Foggia
Comune di Termoli (Campobasso)
Comune di Citta' Sant'Angelo (Pescara)
Comune di Vieste (Foggia)
Comune di Montesilvano (Pescara)
Comune di Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo)
Comune di Vasto (Chieti)
Comune di Giulianova (Teramo)
Comune di Peschici (Foggia)
Comune di San Salvo (Chieti)
Comune di Lanciano (Chieti)
Comune di Serracapriola (Foggia)
Comune di Tollo (Chieti)
Comune di Pineto (Teramo)
Comune di Carpino (Foggia)
Comune di Fossacesia (Chieti)
Comune di San Nicandro (Foggia)
Comune di Torricella Peligna (Chieti)
Comune di San Severo (Foggia)
Comune di Alba Adriatica (Teramo)
Comune di San Vito Chietino (Chieti)
Comune di Miglianico (Chieti)
Comune di Manfredonia (Foggia)
Comune di Rocca San Giovanni (Chieti)
Comune di Lucera (Foggia)
Comune di Treglio (Chieti)
Comune di Rodi Garganico (Foggia)
Comune di Vico del Gargano (Foggia)
Comune di Mattinata (Foggia)
Comune di Roccamontepiano (Chieti)
Comune di Altino (Chieti)
Comune di Bellante (Teramo)
Comune di Bomba (Chieti)
Comune di Canosa Sannita (Chieti)
Comune di Tornareccio (Chieti)
Comune di Torino di Sangro (Chieti)
Comune di Silvi Marina (Teramo)
Comune di Sant'Eusanio del Sangro
Comune di Mozzagrogna (Chieti)
Comune di Controguerra (Chieti)
Comune di Mosciano Sant'Angelo (Chieti)
Comune di Guardiagrele (Chieti)
Comune di Gessopalena (Chieti)
Comune di Frisa (Chieti)
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