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Monday, October 11, 2010

Ombrina Mare - RIP

Finally, after MOG declaring that it is close to being broke, another piece of great news.

Ombrina Mare has failed to get clearance from the Committee on Environmental Impact Reviews.

This means the drilling of Ombrina Mare has been officially denied by Italian authorities.

I never thought this would happen, given the level of corruption Italy is notorious for. But we hammered them and protested and wrote and marched as if there was no tomorrow, so that they HAD to stop this project. I am so proud of this victory. In principle, it was Ms. Prestigiacomo's ban that stopped Ombrina. I know it was because of opposition from us the people. Had we been complacent, the project would have gone forward. So kudos to all of us activists.

We will keep closely monitoring the situation, but for now, condolences to Mr. Sergio Morandi, to Mr. Micheal Bonte-Friedheim and to all of MOG's investors.

I had warned you that this was a loosing business investment.

Elsa and Petroceltic, you are next.

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